K Navneet Deshpande

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Navneet Deshpande brings over 9 years of experience in Brand Building, Designing, Development, Teambuilding & Customer Acquisition. His capabilities have added value to the various organization in building themselves in value-added brands. He has been working with the Management team on various levels and gets a complete understanding on, what they are looking at and comes up with means to achieve it. Hopefully, he has been delivering results till now!! He is always available on email, phone to respond all the Customer calls, Support, Sales pitch or to discuss Great Ideas. He believes that brand building is a strategy which needs implementation along with the target audience pulse understanding. His favourite pass time is overseeing company progress and streamlining the hiccups in the process and enjoys discussing business. Trust me, this guy is a pure business/sales freak!! Do reach him for getting something cooked and serving it to all!

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